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Coeliac Care Program

All the support your patients need to manage symptoms and transition onto a strict gluten-free lifestyle.

Patient Engagement Plan

Online Coeliac Course

Self-directed course that teaches patients how to manage their coeliac disease at their own pace.

Online Group Classes

Monthly dietitian-led group education classes on managing gut issues.

Expert Support

Patients can ask product questions, get nutritional advice, or vent about their symptoms.

Meal Planning Tools

Gluten free meal plans and shopping lists that are customisable and have integrated tips.

Gluten Free Recipes

Over 800+ gluten free recipes made from everyday ingredients to make cooking fun and tasty.

Bio Marker Monitoring

Our Dietitians work with you to ensure your patients are recovering as expected.

Available in contract packages only.

Coeliac Care Emails

Each week patients are sent care emails filled with tips and strategies to help them reduce gut symptoms and stay engaged. 

Available in contract packages only.

1:1 Dietitian Sessions

Patients who are struggling, have learning disabilities, or live rurally can book a session.

Available in contract packages only.


*Trusted by Waitemata District Health Board during March 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns in New Zealand to provide patient education.

Resources Made For Patients

Our CEO, Alana Scott, has coeliac disease and still remembers how hard it was transitioning to a gluten free lifestyle. Each resource has been developed with a patient first approach to make sure it is engaging, fun and educational.

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